About TJ Attorneys

About TJ Attorneys

Tjale Jubilee Attorneys Inc. is a solution-oriented legal practice, providing comprehensive legal services to clients, and in constant pursue of effective legal approaches to desired legal reliefs with convenient and compatible rates putting in the necessary expertise for each case.

Tjale Jubilee Attorneys Inc. has representation capacity in both the Lower and Higher courts, including but not limited to Magistrate’s courts and Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration “CCMA”, Bargaining Councils, direct jurisdictions in Johannesburg and Pretoria High Courts and the Labour Courts.

Our team includes Attorneys, Conveyancers, and Notaries. Depending on the jurisdictional representation and complexity of the disputes, we have a panel of solution-oriented

The practice also focuses on career advancements and further educational enrichments to enable the practitioners and candidate practitioners to effectively and informatively attend to our clients’ valuable mandates. 


A leading law practice with an exceptionally simplified legal approach to wide-ranging legal solutions, and to be our clients’ peace of mind amid legal disputes, devoting our best to ensure time & cost-effective dispute resolution and reliefs.

  • Attending clients’ legal mandate with relevant skills and expertise, and providing accurate and reliable legal advice.
  • Maintaining proper accountability & reasonable responsive measures for our legal services.
  • Ensuring that our clients have a better understanding of legal principles and procedures involved in their respective matters.
  • Providing educational legal solutions


TJ Attorneys believe that the fundamental of every relationship is communication, and most importantly, values responsiveness in our professional relationship with clients. As part of our company customs, we promote communication during our business services through regular updates to clients.


The ability to establish professional reliability and maintain significant commitment is on trust and transparency. T J Attorneys promote honesty in our consultations, facts analyses, file progress reports and handle the files with professional inherent direct interest. Our clients are provided with upfront pros and/or cons of their matters before investing further in their cases.


Integrity is the essence of every law practice. We practice interdependence to other juristic and natural persons outside our organizations, and in all our dealings we strive to be a principle base firm, as the custodian of professionalism, ethics and relevance to apply the law proactively.


Often times, the absence of simplicity creates panic and confusion. Yet, simplicity services calm and effectiveness regardless of how the issues at hand seem threatening. Our practice prioritizes de-tackling legal sophistication of cases and explain to clients in a manner which allow them to be as objective as possible to each case to reasonably pre-empt the end-goal.


Civil litigation

  • Contractual disputes
  • Eviction proceedings>
  • Spoliation applications
  • Third-party claims (unlawful arrest & Road Accident Fund Claims)
  • Upliftment of debt reviews
  • Appointments of curator, Receiver Liquidator & etc
  • Insolvency and Rehabilitation application proceedings
  • General litigations

Criminal Litigation

  • Police Bail Applications; and formal Bail applications
  • Representation Applications’ and
  • Conducting criminal trials.

Conveyancing & Property law

  • Residential and corporate property transfers
  • Deceased estate property transfers
  • Title deed endorsements
  • Lost title applications
  • Partition agreements and transfers
  • Property exchange/s
  • Any other property-related change

Deceased’ Estate Administration

  • Consultations with the family members
  • Lodgment of the deceased’s estate
  • Investigation of assets and claims in favor of the estate
  • Advertisements and L&D drafting
  • We also render services in the drawing of WILLS.

Family and Matrimonial Matters

  • Divorce settlements and divorce trials
  • Change of marital regime applications
  • Child Maintenance applications>
  • Child access and contact applications
  • Domestic Violence applications

Registration of Trust and Notarization of Deeds

    Registration of Post Nuptial Contracts and Antenuptial contracts
  • Notarial Trust Deeds, Trust Deeds Amendments
  • Unfair Labour practice claims
  • Unfair dismissals
  • Application for Review, and Application for Appeal
  • Application for Writs of Execution
  • Coaching and Chairing Disciplinary Hearing